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“It is truly an injustice that the only ones who don’t have an opportunity to see these diverse and talented Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island artists featured on Ovation TV, are the Optimum customers in these communities. Plus, they provide much needed support to our local art organizations in the Bronx and Brooklyn, and valuable educational resources to our New York City schools”
-Bertha Lewis, President of the Black Institute
"We pay a lot of money for Optimum. We are asking you to please consider the Ovation Network for the value they bring to our communities”
-NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn)
"I'm here to tell Optimum to get it right, and provide access to the arts to people from all communities and walks of life"
- NYC Councilmember Donovan Richards (D-Queens)

“Artists from our communities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Long Island deserve to be seen by an audience of all their peers,” said Assembly woman Nathalia Fernandez. “It is important that these diverse and talented artists are celebrated and viewed everywhere. Art is not about money and fiscal deals, but it is about self-expression, representation, and honesty.”

-Assembly woman Nathalia Fernandez